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Makeover Magic is unlike any other production and women's event in Colorado.  To date we have produced 81 Makeover Magic Shows in venues in around the state.  Makeover Magic is a high energy production which combines fashion and women's empowerment into a rocking, entertaining show that leaves women inspired and ready to take on the world. The message of the show extends well beyond the realms of fashion and beauty. It is about embracing the personal power that is inside each and every woman. Helping them to understand their life purpose and how they can positively impact the world around them.  The tickets are $45.00 and include a fully Catered Lunch, The Makeover Magic Show a special presentation of Beauty Secrets Inspired by the Egyptians and some shopping and networking time. Our Makeover Magic shows always sell out so contact Patricia Be via the contact form to purchase a ticket to the show.  Our show promo is below: 

2022 Show Dates:    January 23    April 3    June 12     August 28    October 16th

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