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What Women Have to Say About the 

Patricia's Big Closet Shopping Experience!

"I work with high end investors, and I am expected to look professional. I always felt professional, but when I found Patricia's Big Closet, I realized I could step it up. Patricia made me feel comfortable and WOW, did she dress me up! She was able to put clothes on me that I would have never sought out in a store... and they flattered my body style wonderfully. Colors, under garments, accessories, makeup, skin, hair - all advice was included with my fabulous purchases. When I have a big presentation, or a potential client meeting, I choose the outfits she put together for me. Not only do I look like a million bucks, I feel like a million bucks!"

-----Jill Holly,  Alternative Investment Strategist

"I can't say enough about Patricia Belanger and Patricia's Big Closet. Patricia has class and style and an energetic personality that fills a room. She has poise, confidence and savoir faire! More importantly, she loves working with women to make them look their best. She exceeded my expectations when I visited her and saw the number of designer clothes, shoes and accessories she has available at a fraction of the cost. If you want to look polished, chic and/or professional, make an appointment with Patricia… you won’t be disappointed."

----Nancy Chin-Wagner, Arbonne Independent Consultant

"My daughter Malina (13-years) and I indulged in a unique personal shopping experience at Patricia’s Closet recently. We were greeted by the fashion guru herself, and she welcomed us to her closet full of shopper’s delights. Patrica had an array of healthy nosh and fruit drinks for us to nibble on and keep hydrated when we arrived. She gave us consultation on the best practices for our skin, so that we can keep our fountains of youth flowing. It was a real treat to have a personal stylist who was vibrant, and who took care of the wardrobe selections for us. I recommend this special shopping experience to everyone and thank you Patrica for making it a memorable one. We'’ll see you soon!"

----Camille Gallegos, Event Manager, Girls Inc. of Metro Denver,


"Patricia Belanger is a true force of nature. She knows what looks good on women and how to accessorize an outfit with the end result being something that looks polished, professional and yet affordable. Not only do you leave "Patricia's Big Closet" looking fabulous but you learn a whole lot about fashion as she teaches women how to look beautiful, no matter what size they are. I believe she is single handedly changing the whole fashion statement in Boulder, woman at a time!"

-----Tobi Hunt, The Professional Business Matchmaker

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